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The LA Clippers and the Denver Nuggets do battle this Wednesday in a tilt between Western conference teams. Which side has the edge. Join me as I explain how and why we cash this prime time NBA ticket. Tips after 9 pm et 

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Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Aug 11, 2020
A's vs Angels
+149 at 1BetVegas
Play Type: Premium

The Athletics are 12-0 L/12 on the ML when Mike Fiers starts in August.

Halos starter BUNDY is 1-18 against the money line vs. teams outscoring opp by 1 or more runs/game on the season over the last 3 seasons.

Play on the As to win 

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Aug 11, 2020
Nets vs Magic
OVER 223½ -110 Lost
Play Type: Premium

Nets run the 10th fastest pace in the NBA while Orlando plays much slower. With the Nets short handed speed and small ball will be the name of the game which Im betting helps this game turn into a fast transitional affair that eclipses the total. After two straight losses Im expecting to a see an aggressive Magic side that will be primed to put points on the board. 

ORLANDO is 19-4 OVER   after a combined score of 225 points or more this season with a combined average of 230 ppg going on the board.

ORLANDO is 11-3 OVER when the total is 220 to 229.5 this season with a combined average of 233.3 ppg going on the board. 

ORLANDO is 8-1 OVER  when playing against a marginal losing team (Win Pct. 40% to 49%) this season with a combined average of 228,7 ppg scored. 


Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Aug 12, 2020
Royals vs Reds
+102 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

Cincinnati starters have given up 32 runs (26 earned) in 93 1/3 innings through 17 games, while the relievers have allowed 50 (44 earned) in 52 2/3 innings and are fde material . 

MLB underdogs with a money line of +100 or higher (KANSAS CITY) - with an excellent bullpen whose ERA is 3.00 or better on the season, with a tired bullpen - after 3 straight games throwing 4+ innings are 77-51 L/23 seasons for a 60%+ conversion rate. 

Play on the KC royals to win 

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Aug 12, 2020
Heat vs Thunder
-1½ -103 at pinnacle
Play Type: Premium

The  Oklahoma City Thunder  need their  midrange game  shots to fall consistently  and considering the  Heat are a top team in the bubble at limiting opponents’ accuracy from midrange you have a situation where in a matchup of two slow paced teams that the Thunder have an edge. Add to that the Heat have the motivation of clinching the No.4 seed entering the play offs and you have an edge with Miami. 

NBA team vs the money line (OKLAHOMA CITY) - extremely tired team - playing their 3rd road game in 4 days, with a winning record on the season playing another winning team are 38-89 L/5 seasons for a go against 70% conversion rate for bettors. 

Play on the Miami Heat to cover

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Aug 12, 2020
Pacers vs Rockets
+7½ -110 at Bovada
Play Type: Premium

Houston coach Mike D'Antoni made it clear Tuesday that the priority is winning next week, not this week and that was evident last time out in a loss to to San Antonio last time out by a 123-105 lopsided count. With Westbrook not expected to play for the Rockets, I can see the hard working Pacers having an edge from a value point perspective on the line. 

INDIANA is 11-3 ATS  in road games versus good ball handling teams - committing 14 or less turnovers/game this season.HOUSTON is 11-20 ATS   versus poor pressure defensive teams - forcing 14 or ,less  turnovers/game this season.

Play on Indiana to cover 

Matchup Selection W/L
MLB  |  Aug 12, 2020
White Sox vs Tigers
White Sox
-125 at Mirage
Play Type: Premium

Tigers starer Matthew Boyd has allowed 15 runs over his first 14.2 innings of work this season, and very much looks like fade material. On the flip side , the tigers offence now has a big hole to fill with key N0.4 Hitter Cron injured which makes them less than dependable offensively. The Pale Hose have a definite edge here today.DETROIT is 15-50 against the money line as a home underdog of +100 or higher over the last 2 seasons. Note: White Sox hurler CEASE is 3-0 when starting against DETROIT with an ERA of 3.38 and a WHIP of 1.438.

Play on the Chicago White sox to win 

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Aug 12, 2020
Islanders vs Capitals
UNDER 5½ -130 Lost
Play Type: Premium

The Washington Capitals In the postseason at even strength,  rank last in shots per 60 minutes and their goals at 1.54. Here against a NYI Barry Trotz defense first system, Im betting the Caps once again find it hard to score, while their own reliance on top tier D will be paramount in a game I have pegged to stay on the low side of the totals number.

NY ISLANDERS are 9-1 UNDER in road games after a blowout win by 4 goals or more over the last 2 seasons.


Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Aug 12, 2020
Canadiens vs Flyers
-155 at 5Dimes
Play Type: Premium

Montreal has been playing well but according to my power rankings do not matchup well against the Flyers. Note: MONTREAL is 4-11 ATS after a 2 game unbeaten streak this season.

PHILADELPHIA is 11-3 ATS in road games after a 3 game unbeaten streak over the last 3 season

PHILADELPHIA is 15-4 ATS   against poor defensive teams - allowing 2.85+ goals/game - 2nd half of the season this season.

Play on Philadelphia to win 


Experience & Awards

I have been wagering professionally on sports and horse racing for 30 years. 

My picks have been documented for 20 years.  I have earned numerous top 10 Basketball and Football finishes.  

My college football picks have profited in 16 of my last 18 seasons. In 2011 I went 68% for the year.

I was the 2009 NFL Handicapper of the Year in 2009  in a prestigious event.  I won the Ultimate Football NFL Championship in 2006.  In 2014 I overcame a slow start to finish 59-32 65%!  

I have been an NBA World Champion with 7 winning seasons the last 8 years.  

I also continue to beat the College Hoops book makers with a high volume attack on a yearly basis. 

Handicapping Approach

I have a firm belief in my systems.  There is not a sport I feel I can not beat.  

My handicapping can be best referred to as the 'The Smart Money Approach". I leave no stone unturned.  I have a large database of information and statistics.  I also take into consideration injuries, current and historical trends, and form.  I also factor in the weather, surface conditions, and line movement.

Sports Betting Is An Investment

Many gamblers offer causal explanations for long runs of good and bad performance.  The same is true of financial analysts.  The records of bettors and investors show the same variable successes and failures. 

Both investment opportunities show significant variables and both can give the investor an advantage.  You need to do the proper research to consider all the facts. If you do so a long term profit is more than attainable.

I think sports betting is even better than the stock market.  The investor/bettor has much more control over his funds. You can take a short break, and almost always know your bankroll has not been untouched.

In the markets you are leaving your 401K and other mutual investments in the hands of a volatile marketplace. Plus, you are being torched for huge handling fees by brokers on individual investments. These fees would make sports book managers drool.

I am not saying it is easy making a living from sports betting. But, the small percent who do consistently beat the books have a much better rate of return than that of any market investor!

This is the outlook I have on every wager I place in the sports wagering markets. I take my portfolio very seriously!

Money Management

To be a successful and profitable sports bettor you must always have a long term goal. Set that standard before you begin.  You need to set aside a fairly substantial bankroll.

If you want to be conservative you would wager no more than 1-2% of your bankroll per game.  No more than 3% on the best bets.

This might seem a little on the low side.  But, this is a long and turbulent battle with the books.  You will be happy that you practiced good money management and frugality.

Here are some additional guidelines I recommend.

1. Shop for your best possible lines (rogue lines) from the most reputable sources.

2. Stay disciplined and do not stray from recommended bankroll allocation on individual wagers. Chasing your wagers never a good idea.

3. Always keep in mind that your bankroll is your life line.  It must be treated the same way you would treat finances allocated for any business venture.

4. Buy off the hook on key numbers.

5. Understanding the importance and the art of middling.

6. Keep a record of all your wagers and results and use them as part of over all statistical data base.

These are some important factors that will help you in your quest for long term profits.

I leave you with a thought from the late great Jimmy the Greek. The house does not beat the player, it just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.

*Almost all selections have the same allocated bankroll %(which equals 1 betting unit). Strong selections will see our single game wagers doubled.  These plays are rated as GENERALS CLUB selections.